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If 17 year old Sergio Bencic had stayed in Romania, he says he would have probably had to follow in his dad’s footsteps, with a future working as a driver. Now in Glasgow, Sergio has been able to make his childhood dreams of becoming a hairdresser a reality with the help of Jobs & Business Glasgow.

Aged 13, Sergio was brought to Glasgow by his mother, who thought there would be better education and opportunities for her son in the UK.

Sergio was finding it hard to settle but says a meeting with an adviser from JBG at his secondary school changed things for the better. Sergio said: “The lady told me about the Youth Unlimited course because it would help me with my confidence and my social skills.”

During the nine week course Sergio’s confidence and ability grew as his English improved. He tried taster courses in different careers, including hairdressing at City of Glasgow College. Says Sergio: “I got to mix with other people on the course I wouldn’t normally meet. We were encouraged to stand up, talk about ourselves and our dreams in front of each other. But it was more relaxed than school. I knew no one would laugh. That’s the best way to learn English.

“We got to do things I never imagined I would, like training to be a waiter. We also were shown how to get into volunteering and college. The best part was being personally shown around the hair and beauty part of City of Glasgow College. I was so impressed, it made me absolutely sure I was making the right decision about my career.”

After the course Jobs & Business Glasgow helped Sergio to get an interview with training provider, Qualitas, and he started training in hairdressing in February.

Sergio said: “I can’t believe I said I wanted to be a hairdresser and here I am, at Qualitas, training to be a hairdresser. It’s been an enjoyable journey.”

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