Access funding

There is a lot to be said on keeping your expenditure down when starting a business.  Spend as little as you can to start with. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you need it? – Really think through every purchase you want to make and ask if it is essential. Do you need an office? Could you co-share and have a space within an existing business? Are there purchases that can wait? Differentiate between want and need.
  • If you do really need equipment could it be better to rent or lease rather than buy immediately?
  • Negotiate and shop around – everything is negotiable. Always ask for a discount when you buy things.

Sources of Finance

We work closely with a range of enterprise support agencies to support you in applying for grants and loans to help get your business off the ground.  Our team of advisers will help you identify the funding required and support you in the application process. You may also be eligible for our own Jobs & Business Glasgow Start-Up Funding.

We apologise that our website is currently under construction. Further content relating to business funding will appear in this section soon.

In the meantime please contact us to arrange a suitable day and time to meet with our business support staff in a local venue near you. Call free on 0300 123 2898, or text 07393 753 298 or email: