Former Chief Executive

After extensive and constructive discussions between parties’ representatives we are pleased to be able to announce that it has been possible to agree a settlement of the claims made by Calum Graham against Jobs and Business Glasgow which were scheduled to be heard at an Employment Tribunal.

Terms of that settlement are necessarily confidential but Jobs and Business Glasgow is happy to confirm that whilst difficulties were experienced with regard to the formal compliance and audit of some European Funds, there was never any suggestion that Mr. Graham had in any way benefited personally from these administrative errors.

JBG is happy to be able to reach agreement in a way that will avoid incurring further expense of charitable funds and is keen to be able to concentrate on its core activity which is aimed at improving the opportunities for businesses and individuals in the Glasgow area, an aspiration which it knows was always part of Mr Graham’s commitment and enthusiasm for his previous role.

We wish Mr. Graham well in his future career.

No further comment will be made by either party.