Helping Woodside into work

Every week staff from Jobs & Business Glasgow can be found in St. George’s Cross are supporting local unemployed people to take part in training, to get a job, to change career, or to set up in business.

To arrange a suitable day and time to meet support staff in Woodside Library call free on 0300 123 2898, or text 07393 753 298 or email:


Woodside Library
343 St George’s Road, St. George’s Cross, Glasgow G3 6JQ
Call free on 0300 123 2898, or text 07393 753 298 or email:

Our support

Sending CVs with no response

Take an honest look at your CV; does it talk too much about what you’re looking for and not enough about what value you can bring to the company? Selling ourselves to employers is hard. Jobs & Business Glasgow can assist you to promote your skills, and highlight your strengths and achievements to ensure you stand out and leave the right impression.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Seeking work with no experience

It’s a catch 22; you want a job but need experience – so how do you get experience if you haven’t got a job? Well, there are ways of getting around this, one of which is to take part in Jobs & Business Glasgow work tasters. Work experience will provide greater understanding of job roles and an opportunity to make new contacts; both excellent ways to improve your chances of getting a job.

Selling yourself with no confidence

The truth is most people aren’t comfortable ‘selling’ themselves at interview; in fact many of us are brought up to believe it’s rude to brag. The good news is that you don’t need to be fake or dishonest to sell yourself – Jobs & Business Glasgow can help you to identify your key strengths and the best ways to communicate these in short and convincing ways to employers.

Succeed in training with no qualifications

We don’t all manage to leave school with a terrific report card and sometimes we’ve fallen out of training opportunities because the timing isn’t right. For some of us it takes several years before we know what kind of training we would like to do. The good news is there are no time limits to learning and you can take part in training at any age. Jobs & Business Glasgow can assist you to access courses and help you to identify your transferrable skills which you probably don’t even know you have.

Starting a business with no plan

Have you had a good business idea for a while now? You’re not alone. Many people sit on their ideas for months or even years before taking action. Some can’t find the time to start; some are scared to take the plunge, while others just simply don’t know how to set their business idea in motion. Whatever it is holding you back, let Jobs & Business Glasgow mentor and guide you on the right path to success.


For more information call free on 0300 123 2898, or text 07393 753 298 or email: