Young Person’s Guarantee

What is it?

Jobs & Business Glasgow are working closely with Glasgow City Council and a wide range of local partners to help deliver a comprehensive programme of employability support for all 16-24 year olds.

This programme is part of the Scottish Government’s newly launched Young Person’s Guarantee initiative which provides all of Scotland’s young people, who are not in employment, training or education the opportunity of:

  • a job
  • a placement
  • training
  • volunteering.

It can help you move towards a job and into the world of work – all based on your own interests, goals and ambitions.

Start your journey

There are no set routes or specified time frames for you to start your journey.

The programme will support you to help you choose the options that best suit your own needs and your ideas about your own future.

There are many routes open to you – for example you could:

  • undertake an apprenticeship
  • carry out work experience
  • take part in a volunteering programme
  • secure a job
  • undertake some training
  • go to college or university.

What’s best for you?

If you have no idea what’s best for you – don’t worry!

Jobs & Business Glasgow can help you decide what you would like to do – based on your own interests. Whatever path you choose to follow – the programme will connect you to the right sources of information and opportunities to help your future.

Get started

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