Your Future

In 2019 we worked with more than 4,000 unemployed people in this city to help them to improve their lives wherever it was needed.

Below you will find the stories of some of those people we have helped, they’re looking forward to a positive future and you can too.

‘It was like an invisible force holding me back from the door’: What happened to this Glaswegian woman will inspire you.

When Joanne Dynan toasted the health of newlyweds recently she was also making a private toast to herself. The wedding was the first big public event Joanne had attended after…

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Aged 13, he left his family 2000 miles away to make his dream a reality

Aged 13, Sergio was brought to Glasgow by his mother, who thought there would be better education and opportunities for her son in the UK. Sergio was finding it hard…

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Unemployed Sarah, 19, was struggling to get a job and was worried about her future.

Dreaming of a career as a sports instructor and keen to earn her own money, Sarah was nervous and unsure how to prepare for applications and interviews. She contacted Jobs…

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Mark, 18, was fed up spending hours searching the internet looking for a job. He needed help but was unsure what support was available.

He called Jobs & Business Glasgow for advice and was pleased to find out that youth advisers were available to help him update his CV, complete job applications and prepare for interviews.…

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Caring for two children as a lone parent, Fiona, 29, had no work experience or qualifications and was worried about her future.

She dropped into her local Jobs & Business Glasgow office, looking for help and was introduced to a friendly adviser who reassured her she was not alone and that support…

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Out of work for 10 years and with no qualifications, Thomas thought returning to work would be impossible.

Thomas met with a Jobs & Business Glasgow adviser who helped him with one-to-one support, CV creation and interview preparation. Thomas learned that his voluntary work as a gardener was valuable experience…

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Homeless, unemployed and recently separated, Bruce had reached a personal low and was finding it difficult to overcome the challenges he was facing.

Referred to Jobs & Business Glasgow Bridging Service by Social Work, he was introduced to a friendly, dedicated adviser who reassured him that support was available. Over the next 5 months, Bruce…

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