Binoculars are see bursting through a yellow paper background. We can see that a person is holding these and looking through the viewfinder. The image is used to depict searching and is used alongside job searching .

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The image depicts a handshake, we can only see the cuffs of their clothing but it appears to be business dress. This image is used to show positive and professional relations between the organisation and employers in Glasgow.

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Hands are shown clasped around a red love heart. The image is used to depict positive relations between the organisation and their partners.

Advice for Partners

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A male is shown holding a laptop in his hands, he is smiling as he looks at the screen. We cannot see the content of the screen.

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A hand is shown holding a large place marker which is used commonly to identify locations on a map

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A female is looking at her mobile phone, illustrations depicting popular social media icons and emojis appear to be coming from the mobile.

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