Corporate Ethos

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership to create a more resilient business base and support residents to compete for employment opportunities in and beyond the city.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1:

To improve the competitiveness of residents and help to increase Glasgow’s employment rate: reducing the gap with Scotland and better performing UK cities;

Strategic Goal 2:

To improve business resilience and increase the number of sustainable small businesses in Glasgow; moving towards the levels achieved by better performing UK cities.


Customer First:

‘We will listen to the needs and aspirations of clients, businesses, colleagues and partners and respond by providing customised interventions that address those needs and aspirations’.

Results Driven:

We will concentrate on meeting our organisational targets, delivering in the required time, to the agreed budget and to a high quality’.


‘Continually strengthen and develop the capacity and performance of our organisation in order to be recognised as being committed to excellence and deliver best value and continuous improvement to services that are valued by all clients, businesses, funders and partner agencies’.


‘We will continually review and develop our organisation’s approach to governance and service delivery and bring about positive change by: maximising our efficiency and effectiveness; improving the quality of services and organisation processes; increasing our competitiveness and consolidating our contribution to economic development in the city’.

Exceeding Expectations:

‘We will go beyond expectations to achieve better and more sustainable futures for our business, individual customers, partners, funders and stakeholders’.