Jobs & Business Glasgow is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity and accountability. We have a duty to make sure public funds are properly used and protected, for everyone’s benefit. We are committed to preventing people committing fraud and becoming involved in corruption and bribery. We are also committed to making sure we have the right controls in place to prevent these acts from happening at all. Given the potentially high cost of fraud to you, we would encourage you to let us know if you detect or suspect someone is involved in this activity.

How do I let you know?

Our Whistleblowing facility is a method for both employees and members of the public to report any apparent fraud or irregularity which they believe is going on. Wherever possible, the anonymity of whistleblowers will be respected and protected. For further information on the purpose of the facility and how allegations will be dealt with please refer to our whistleblowing policy.

You can report concerns by:

  • emailing whistleblowing@jbg.org.uk. This option allows you to attach any documentary evidence to support your concern.
  • writing to the Compliance & Quality Manager, Jobs & Business Glasgow, Ladywell Business Centre, 94 Duke Street, Glasgow, G4 0UW

What should I report?

  • Financial malpractice or impropriety or fraud
  • Failure to comply with a legal obligation or statutes
  • Dangers to health & safety or the environment
  •  Criminal activity
  •  Improper conduct or unethical behaviour
  • Attempts to conceal any of these