City Building Modern Apprenticeships

City Building operates one of Britain’s largest apprenticeship programmes through its award-winning training centres.

Current apprenticeship opportunities include, Joiner, Electrician, Painter, Plumber, and Administrator. To read more about the vacancies, follow this link, put ‘City Building’ in the job title field and hit search.: 

The Process

Timetable: (*candidates must be available on these dates)

Applications Open           Monday 7th March 2022
Applications Close          Sunday 24th April 2022
Onsite testing*                  Monday 9th May 2022 to Friday 27th May 2022
Final Interviews               Monday 20th June 2022 to Friday 8th July 2022
Start Date*                          Monday 15th August 2022

Candidates will only be able to apply for ONE vacancy with City Building; therefore it is important that you choose the Modern Apprenticeship that suits you best. It is advisable to have a look at all trades before making your final decision as duplicate applications will not be considered.


Registration process:

If you would prefer, an Adviser at Jobs & Business Glasgow can help you to complete the following steps.

• Enter your details into the Glasgow Guarantee online registration form on website and create your own username and password.
• Please verify your email address
• Please confirm which sector you are interested in
• Please note non-school leavers are required to upload additional eligibility documents – proof of address, proof of ID and a completed referral form from their Employability Provider

At this stage all candidates should have access to their account and be able to view vacancies but they will be unable to apply for vacancies until their account has been approved by Glasgow Guarantee.

Criteria for School Leavers:
• Candidates must attend a Glasgow School, or live in Glasgow and attend a non-Glasgow school
• Candidates must have left school in the past 3 months, or should be eligible to leave school in the next 3 months.

Criteria for Non-School Leavers:
• Candidates must be unemployed
• Candidates must be living in the Glasgow City Council postcode boundary
• Candidates must be referred by a Glasgow Guarantee approved Employability Provider and assessed by them as being job ready

When you choose an apprenticeship, you will be given 60 minutes to complete the application form. This form can be difficult to complete if you’ve never done anything like it before.

Our Advisers at Jobs & Business Glasgow are experienced with the City Building application form and can help you to complete yours.


Take part

The City Building Apprenticeship Recruitment programme 2022 will close on Sunday 24th April.

Jobs & Business Glasgow (JBG) have been supporting applicants to apply to this programme for years, assisting with the Glasgow Guarantee registration process, apprenticeship application form, and interview preparation.

Speak to your JBG Adviser who will help you to begin the application process.

If you have never contacted us before, please call our Customer Service Team on freephone 0300 123 2898 or email: