Not sure you have the right skills for a role? You may be surprised…

Many people think that unless you start your chosen career when you leave education, it’s probably too late to be successful.

However, the reality is that many people have changed their job at a later stage in their careers using skills they have acquired in another role.

Sometimes the transferable skills you have can be easy to identify. However, self-reflection often isn’t very easy, and it may be difficult to identify other skills that you have which could be valuable to an employer.

If you’re looking for a new job or thinking now might be the right time to switch careers, our Advisers can help you to identify your experience and transferable skills.

These could open up new careers you might never have considered before. Once you have your list of skills you can look over job profiles to see which ones interest you and fit your skills.

You may need some additional training or experience and we can introduce you to training opportunities and paid work experience placements.

This is our area of expertise. Contact us to find out more.